Custom Options in Magento 1

We all know customer loves getting more options while making purchase decision in an offline brick & mortar store. The same is true for your online ecommerce stores too. If you are using Magento then you can display various options for your product by using Custom Options in Magento. Custom Options are an easy way to display set of product variations in your Magento store. In this article we will see how we can add Custom Options easily in Magento Admin area. Please note that the steps given below relate to creating custom options in Magento 1.9.x, which is the latest version as of today. If you want to learn how to add Custom Options in Magento 2.x then please check this article instead.

You can create Custom Options in Magento by following below steps:

1. In Magento Admin area, select Catalog > Manage Products

managing custom options magento 1


2. Select the product which you want to edit

custom options magento manage


3. Now click Custom Options in the left panel

custom options in magento 1


4. Click Add New Option button and enter name, input type, set required and enter sort order

adding custom options magento-1


5. Click Add New Row button and enter name, price, price type (fixed or percentage), SKU and enter sort order

custom options magento 1


6. Click Save button

handle custom options magento 1


Though adding Custom Options in product is pretty straight forward but you should note that there are few problems in managing Custom Options in Magento if you have large number of products. For example it takes lot of time in creating Custom Options manually for each product. Similarly, if you want to delete Custom Options from products then again it has to be done one by one manually.

But thankfully we have solved this problem by building an extension for Magento 1.9.x, which is available for download. Our Copy / Delete Custom Option Magento extension will help you to re-apply custom options across your product inventory. You can mass-assign custom options to multiple products in your ecommerce store. By using Medma Copy / Delete custom option extension, you can easily apply set of custom options to any number of products. Interested in knowing more? Click the link above to read the complete specifications of Medma Copy / Delete Custom Option Magento extension.

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