Our apps can extend & improve
Magento, Odoo, WordPress, OrangeHRM, Databox, Chrome and Firefox.

Disable Customer Registration

Disable the default customer registration form in your Magento store. You can force Guest checkout or approve new customer accounts before they can buy at your store.

Copy or Delete Custom Options

Copy custom options from one product to many products with just one click. The extension also allows you to delete custom options from multiple products at once.

Medma Marketplace

Convert your Magento store to multivendor Marketplace with vendor management, vendor profile, reviews, messaging, all product type support, product approval, similar product search etc.

Move Bulk Products

Move, copy or remove your products from one category to multiple categories. So, add product to more than one category easily. No more copying and pasting the same contents again and again.

One Step Checkout

Provide quick one step checkout experience to your customers. You can accept billing, shipping and payment details all at one page. Get rid of long and slow checkout process in Magento easily.

Willing 2 Buy

Ask customers to suggest their own price for your products in your store. The plugin displays the average price suggested by all the customers for each product in the Admin area.

Medma Matix

Powerful marketing & conversion optimization tool for your store. Show personalized messages, popups and deals to your visitor and convert them into paying customers.

Medma Max

All-in-one must-have tool for store owners. The swiss army pack includes one step checkout, lazy loaders, disable customer registration, move bulk products, matix and many more.

LDAP Integration

Add ability to login into OrangeHRM through LDAP credentials. This is beneficial when you want your LDAP users to login into OrangeHRM by using their existing credentials.

Leave Calendar Improvements

Add leave calendar to your OrangeHRM installation. It provides a bird's eye view to Admin for viewing pending & approved leaves in the entire organization.

Performance Attachment

Add attachments for each employee record in your OrangeHRM installation. Save numerous personal document related to each employee like their ID card, Family Photo, Passport etc.

Performance Review Security

Add documents in the Performance Review module of the OrangeHRM. The employees can add any kind of documents to their performance review. A note can also be added with each document.

Lazy Loader

Improve the performance of your store by loading product images on demand. The images of products are only loaded in a page when the User scrolls down to them.

Extract Bee

Extract data automatically from websites without any coding. Fill website forms, login into secure account and click multiple links - all automatically without manually doing it.